CARDIF’s expertise and taxation division plays a vital role in managing clients financial and regulatory affairs.
This division is responsable for providing specialized services related to accounting , taxations and regulatory , here’s an overview of the main responsibilities and functions of this division

  1. Account Keeping:
    The Accounting Division is responsible for maintaining client financial accounts. This includes accurate recording of financial transactions, managing accounting records and producing regular financial reports.
    2. Preparation of Financial Statements:
    It is responsible for preparing financial statements, such as the balance sheet, income statement and cash flow statement, in accordance with current accounting standards. These documents are essential to assess a company’s financial health.
    3. Financial Analysis:
    The division analyzes the financial performance of clients, identifying trends, strengths and weaknesses. This analysis helps clients make informed decisions to improve profitability and operational efficiency.
    4.Tax Compliance:
    The division ensures client tax compliance by ensuring that all tax obligations are met accurately and in a timely manner. This includes preparing tax returns and managing potential tax audits.
    5.Tax Planning:
    Provides tax planning advice to optimize clients’ tax situation. This may include strategies to minimize legal tax obligations while remaining in compliance with applicable tax legislation.
    6.Financial Advice: The division provides strategic financial advice to clients to help them achieve their long-term financial goals. This may include recommendations on cash management, investment and financial structuring.
    7. Regulatory Watch:
    The division is required to remain informed of accounting and tax regulatory changes. It must ensure that customers are informed and in compliance with all new legal requirements.
    8. Staff Training:
    If necessary, the division may be involved in training staff of the client company to improve their accounting and tax skills.