The Audit Division plays a crucial role in ensuring the transparency, compliance and reliability of an organization’s financial information. This division is generally composed of accounting experts, internal and external auditors, as well as professionals specializing in risk assessment and internal controls.

  1. Financial Audit: The main mission of the Audit Division is to conduct financial audits to examine a company’s financial statements. This involves checking the accuracy of accounting information, ensuring compliance with current accounting standards and identifying any potential financial risk.
    2. Regulatory Compliance: The Audit Division’s experts ensure that the company complies with all applicable financial and legal regulations. They ensure that accounting practices comply with national and international standards.
    3. Risk Assessment: Audit professionals assess the risks to which the company is exposed.
    This includes identifying financial, operational and strategic risks, and proposing corrective actions.
    4. Communication of Results: After each audit, the Audit Division reports its results to the company’s management. This may include recommendations to improve processes, strengthen internal controls, or correct anomalies.
    5. Training and Awareness: The Audit Division can also play a role in training company staff on best accounting practices, internal control and compliance with applicable policies and regulations.
    6. Adapting to Changes: Audit professionals remain constantly informed of developments in the accounting, financial and regulatory fields in order to adapt their audit approaches and procedures accordingly.